Supply Chain Management

Expak has established a new level for end-to-end supply chain management that increases profits. You plan, manage and rapidly adjust your supply chain, operations and inventories with impressive results. The cloud based turnkey approach integrates legacy systems and puts supply and demand data into action with built-in-best practices and through world-class supply chain analytics. With Expak you are always one step ahead.

Plan ahead and accelerate your production, fulfillment, inventory and sourcing.

Ensure a reliable supply, deal with changes and reduce inventories.

Automate replenishment, enhance service levels and improve supplier management.

Ensure a reliable supply and gain efficiencies with on time production.

Manage changes, improve production scheduling and adjust resources and assets.

Execute lean assortment and improve margins with product life cycle classification.

Analytics for a true demand driven supply chain

Over 100 dashboards out-of-the box.

Out-of-the-box cloud application

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Turnkey solution

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