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Company and challenge

Pamark is a national wholesale company, which supplies convenience goods for companies. Its selection is comprised of over 430 product groups and over 5500 product rows. Order and logistic operations play a key role in Pamark’s customer service: orders are delivered quickly and as agreed.

While the business is constantly booming, both in terms of new customers and products, it proved to be challenging to calculate stock values proactively in real time. The time consumed by doing these calculations by hand took a big part of product managers’ and buyers’ time.

“Our customers are happy and we are happy.”
Teemu Martikainen, Purchase Manager, Pamark Oy


Instead of hiring more employees, Pamark chose to use Expak’s EXPAK Inventory management solution. As Expak is based on Microsoft technologies it automated the calculations of order points, purchase suggestions and stock levels to Microsoft’s NAV system. At the same time, it offered a flexible and easy-to-use desktop with ready-made reports and alarms for planning purchases.



Using Expak has given Pamark considerable benefits and a competitive edge:

  1. Increased supply guarantee
    When we started, our stock heading availability was 94%, now it is over 98%.
  2. Increased stock turnaround time
    Stock turnaround time has increased from the starting value of 9 close to now close to 10. The stock turnaround time has risen 0,7 units from where we started (from 9,1 to 9,8)
  3. Cost savings
    Using Expak has given us cost savings thanks to the programme. Late deliveries of infrequently bought items have decreased and simultaneously the number of down-written products of the whole stock has . decreased
  4. Switching stock focus to the right products
    Switching stock focus to the right products, the focus of the stock has switched to moving products. Currently, over 50% of our products rotate with 10 stock turnaround speed. When we started, this value was just 24%.

Expak’s results have been constantly monitored and the improvements have been permanent and significant.


Pamark chose Expak as its partner

“We have the right number of products in stock, at the right time.”
Teemu Martikainen, Purchase Manager, Pamark Oy

Pamark’s increased business brought along challenges for Teemu Martikainen, the responsible employee for calculating wholesale company’s stock values. How to optimise orders and guarantee that the stock has the right number of products at the right time? Instead of hiring more employees, Pamark decided to try Expak. “Today we wouldn’t even manage without it.” confesses Martikainen.

Cooperation between Pamark and Expak started in 2010 and the results have been excellent.

– “With new and growing customer relationships we were in a position where order numbers could no longer be evaluated by feelings alone.” says Teemu Martikainen. “We wanted access to a system, which doesn’t just give us real-time information but also forecasts future trends.”

– “We made queries about our partners and were convinced that Expak would meet our needs, while being adaptable and flexible.” He recalls, telling the background of the cooperation.


Easy to adopt and easy to use

The EXPAK Inventory management system is compatible with most ERP systems and it was installed without any problems to Pamark’s Dynamics NAV system as well.

– “Expak has been easy to use since the beginning.” says Teemu Martikainne. “IT projects can be challenging at times, but in this case the Expak team took care of the installation and the adaptation process without a hitch.” he continues. “It says something about the programme that actual training was never even needed, although it was offered. 30 minutes of guidance was more than enough and manuals have been collecting dust ever since.” Martikainen smiles.


Satisfied customer – goals met

Since starting the cooperation, Pamar has used the Expak daily, and its influence on business has been only positive.

– “Cost savings have already been created just because we decided to use Expak instead of hiring new staff.” says Teemu Martikainen.

– “However, real results are due to the fact that thanks to Expak, we and now we have the right number of products in stock at the right time.” he continues.

– “All goals for our cooperation with Expak and Expak have been achieved. Our customers are happy and we are happy.” Teemu Martikainen summarises.

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Pamark Oy

Pamark Oy

”Customer satisfaction is paramount to our organization and further success”

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