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Finelcomp Oy is a company established in 1988 that produces electric enclosure mechanics. The company manufactures solutions for the housing and fastening mechanics of the electric distribution and tele communication appliances. The company helps customers by producing high-quality, safe and easy-to-install encapsulation solutions as well as comprehensive services including design, delivery, and after-sales service.

The aim of the company was to improve customer service and inventory management as the continuous growth of the company called for the need for more efficient operational planning and management. The goal of the management was to enable more transparent, more automated and more predictable operations. Futhermore, change was necessary as many of the material resource planning, demand planning and inventory management processes were manual when Finelcomp started co-operation with Expak.

"It's an easy and quick way to identify problems and to drill into root causes."
Jukka Aimasmäki, Sales and Marketing Manager, Finelcomp Oy


Finelcomp's goal was to establish a transparent, proactive and flexible operations management and create support tools for planning and monitoring sales and operations. The goal for the solution was to ensure a reliable supply, reduce excess inventories and improve transparency. The solution should also be able to automate material resource planning and reduce manual work. As far as the company’s customer needs, the history data and reporting did not fulfill their operations management needs. The company opted for Expak Supply Chain Management, which was integrated to legacy ERP system.



  1. Faster response, better transparency and supply reliability
    The solution has greatly improved the transparency of operations. It provides real-time monitoring of production and supply reliability and provides an easy way to not only identify problems, but fix them. The users can plan ahead, manage changes and deal with unexpected disruptions with this solution.
  2. Easier order behavior and product profitability monitoring
    Monitoring custom order behavior, order logs, and seasonal variations is much easier using this solution. The data is used also in sales forecasting, material resource planning and capacity planning.
  3. Faster operations development with data
    With the solution, the users can face production problems head on and fix them with quick-to-read reports and drill. Smooth production monitoring and metrics have enabled faster operations development and production fixes.
  4. Inventory value -15%
    Inventory management is now easier with the solution. The inventory turnover and other inventory metrics are fully automated as the inventory metrics replaced traditional excel-based abc-analyzes. Automatic inventory tracking ensures that inventory is manageable and maintaining direction at all times.



‘The solution for Finelcomp was implemented step by step. Delivery was launched according to our need and the first steps were production and sales monitoring and metrics. Expak’s experts delivered on their promises and were on time. The training was easy and was completed in one day. In the training, we looked at application basics while we worked and familiarized ourselves with the solution. The instruction manual was good and comprehensive, we did not have to add it.’ says Kyllönen with satisfaction.

"Great application, with all the necessary features."
Eero Kyllönen, Quality Manager, Finelcomp Oy

Great help to sales and production management

‘The company’s primary need is to satisfy the agreed delivery time with the customer and the prerequisite is to understand what is the realistic opportunity and not to give the customer a false delivery time estimate. We need to fulfill what is promised to customers and this is a continuous learning process. Expak is a great help with this and it has backed us up all the way. All the data and knowledge is now in one place, we know what the situation is, what the opportunities are and what can be promised to the customer. Expak offers the opportunity to smooth out sales promises with the real production output. ‘ says Kyllönen.


The use of application continues to grow

‘Finelcomp considers the solution to be flexible even for user-specific needs. The good feature of Expak is that we can modify the reports ourselves. We know exactly what we want to measure. On the other hand, this can create the danger of too much information, now we can get everything out of what we need. There is however a slight risk that the user will get too much data and too many metrics. This basically sums up the use of the system.’ Says Kyllönen.

‘The use of the program has steadily grown all the time. At present, the user enters the application more than 200 times a month. The program has flexible data retrieval and presentation and it is suitable for our company needs as well as an immense help for the users. It is all about data, what you get and what you do next. This is a great application, with all the features for us now.’ sums up Kyllönen.


More agile production, inventory value - 15 %

Sales and Marketing Manager Jukka Aimasmäki explains that Expak's solution has brought an easy and quick way to face and to fix the problems. The operations data is easily accessible from the one source for all of us. Therefore, the cooperation with colleagues is now more transparent and agile. Analysis of order behavior and change management has improved. Furthermore, sales order data and seasonal variations are utilized in sales forecasting and capacity planning. On top of that, the current track of the current inventory is just the best. It is much faster and easier when compared to previous excel-based abc analyzes. The value of the inventory dropped by 15% with Expak. The solution ensures that everything goes in the right direction and does not slip towards the wrong track.

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Finelcomp Oy

Finelcomp Oy

”Increased visibility and enhanced capacity planning, stock value -15%”

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