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Company and challenge

Oy E. Boström Ab is a traditional family-run bakery from Lepplax, Ostrobothnia, Finland. The company’s biggest market area is Finland, and 20 % of their total revenue comes from export to Sweden. The bakery supplies products under their own brand as well as under store brands. The bakery follows ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000 food industry standards in all its functions.

When operations and production capacity of the company grew, the manual production planning done within an ERP system was simply no longer sufficient. Purchase order operations also needed better solutions which is why the company also wished to get assistance with meeting the requirements of the quality standards.

"Simply a very useful and worthwhile investment."
Annika Boström, CEO, Oy E. Boström Ab


The aim of the bakery was to find a transparent and flexible management system and the necessary tools to support production planning and management. The solution brought automation and predictability to daily functions. The target was to find a simple-to-use planning solution for the needs of sales, production and purchases. The target of the planning was to fulfil the needs of production and purchases, both in short and long term. At the same time, the solution had to reduce manual labour as maintaining monitoring, forecasts and steering values by hand were considered as a thing from the past.

The bakery chose to use Expak and production management from Roima Intelligence, which were connected to the ERP system.


  1. Precision and flexibility to production planning
    Production planning was made more precise and efficient thanks to Expak. With the help of the solution, the person responsible for production planning is made immediately aware whether there is a need to produce more of a product or not. Currently, it is possible to plan the production need for the following week in a couple of hours, and changes in need can be reacted to straight away.
  2. Automated fulfillment suggestions
    Purchase fulfillment suggestions are automated when the production plan has been confirmed, the purchase fill-up needs are also checked. The solution updates the necessary data and the fulfillment suggestion calculations are done automatically. In this way the purchase fill-up needs are always up-to-date, and it helps to monitor what needs to be ordered and what doesn’t.
  3. Increased predictability with campaign and customer forecasts
    Campaign and customer forecasts help to anticipate the future and with these forecast views Boström can anticipate future campaigns well beforehand. With the help from forecasts, the bakery can restock its production inventory in long term as well with suitable production batches. With unified planning, both short and long-term customer needs are met and fulfilled.
  4. More time for working and better supply precision
    With the solution, planning production and purchases takes only around 3-4h per week. It’s 50 % of the time we used before. Additionally, human errors and lack of raw ingredients and materials have decreased and supply precision has increased.


Smooth collaboration

EXPAK Delivery was executed step by step. In the first phase, reporting, forecasts and production planning were made, and in the second phase, the purchase fill-up suggestions were completed. The supplier has been always easy to reach during this challenging project and corrections and development has been executed along the way without any problems.

- “Everything comes down to the basic needs of our company being handled properly. The most important thing is that the balances are correct and that the calculation results are reliable. When deficiencies or change needs have appeared, the Expak team have been there to fix and execute the changes.”, says Boström happily.

"An easy-to-use solution which has been developed with common sense."
Annika Boström, CEO, Oy E. Boström Ab

Easy to use for anyone

The family-run bakery has a low staff turnover and many long-term employees. – “The oldest employees have been hired by my father. The youngest are born in 1990’s. We have a range of skilled employees, from pastry chefs to Bachelors in Business administration.”, says Boström.

- “The staff representing so many diverse backgrounds mean that the programme must be simple to use. – It can’t be that some of us know how to use the programme and some of us don’t. All employees must be able to use the system and there are not much room for errors.” says Boström and continues: - It is important that the system is easy to use, for everyone.

- “The easy-to-use aspect was paid a lot of attention to during the project. We have been developing a solution, which only requires common sense. The parts handling purchases have been planned together with the purchase and production deparments together with production team.” explains Annika Boström.


100 % reliability

The programme has been working excellently this whole time, absolutely 100%. It has been out of use only twice. Once we had a power cut in our procution unit, the other time was when we changed the server, says Boström when asked about the programme reliability.


Worthwhile investment, huge benefits.

With the help from solution, the bakery now meets the requirements from customers, legislation and quality standards. The programme handles production capacity in an optimal way, optimises the stock and purchases and automates reporting to the needs of quality standards and customers.

– “Finnish bakeries are doing their fair share to maintain their profitability, and import from other countries to Finland has increased. Optimising the use of machinery, work force and raw ingredients is a solution for the toughened competition. You can do well here, if you know how to do things in a smart way.” says Boström.

- “This solution meets our needs excellently already. In practice, the production forecasts, purchase suggestions and traceability reports are equally good or even better than what could have been achieved by one person’s work input. And all that happens automatically, recalls Boström. The benefits of the programme and our work together continues. The programme is being developed all the time, and I have a few suggestions how to make it even better.” Annika Boström sums up.

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