ALFMIX OY is a Finnish daily consumer goods wholesales and marketing company. They represent several international brands.

Alfmix's selection is mainly focused on sweets, biscuits, snacks, pastries, olive oils, beverages and batteries. The company specializes in marketing impulse purchases. Even though Alfmix represents many of the top brands in their selection range, they also produce articles under their own Karkkipussi-product label and various licenses.

Alfmix Oy was founded in 1979. The ownership of the family business is currently in second generation.

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Alfmix Oy

Management, sales, purchaces

Sales forecasting
Inventory management
Purchace management

Wholesale, Natural products
Wholesale and production
Import, professional kitchen equipment
Manufacturing, workwear
Wholesale, professional kitchen service and restaurant furniture
Food industry
Import, secure fastening solutions
Electronics industry
Interior textiles
Food industry
Import, lashing and lifting products and solutions
Food industry
Specialized shop, art and hobby
Food industry
Import, kitchen equipment
Food industry
Manufacturing, workwear
Food industry
Food industry
Food industry
Food Industry
Food industry
Food industry
Import, natural products
Food industry
Packing material wholesaler
Import, steel
Food industry
Industry, electronics
Wholesale, veterinary products
Technical business
Import, cooling and air-conditioning
Import / service, machinery
Production, roofs and exhaust pipes
Wholesale, food industry
Import/wholesale, electronics
Toy and paper product wholesale
Import, special surgical products
Purchasing and Logistics
Food industry

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