Plan ahead, enhance availability and reduce inventories.

Ensure a reliable supply, increase service level and reduce inventory continuously

Demand planning helps you to plan demand and manage changes e.g. new products and customers, seasons and campaigns. Inventory management optimizes inventory levels to meet market and customer demand. Fulfillment management automates replenishment and enhances service levels. Assortment management makes it easy to execute lean assortment and improve margins. You can be assured that you have inventory levels balance with market and customer demand. Here you have all the right products in the right place at the right time.

With Expak

  • Enhance delivery reliability and service levels
  • Optimize inventory, less obsolete and excess stock
  • Manage changes and exceptions
  • Enable lean assortment with improved margins
  • Plan seasons, campaigns and projects
  • Alarm levels, replenishments and life cycle calculations are taken care of

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