Increase the level of service and customer satisfaction.

Plan ahead and match market and customer need to your supply. Manage all changes such as new products, customer changes, seasons and campaigns. Automatic inventory, fulfillment and assortment management analytics minimize the need for manual work. Expak automates and visualizes your planning and control of supply and demand. You make better decisions based on solid facts. Information is easily shared to all users in the end-to-end supply chain your colleagues, your customers and suppliers.

With Expak

  • Increase service levels and customer satisfaction
  • Automate analytics for demand planning, fulfillment and inventory control
  • Plan seasons, campaigns and projects
  • Optimize inventory levels
  • Monitor sales, suppliers and inventories
  • Co-operation and data sharing with all parties in end-to-end supply chain

”Customer satisfaction is paramount to our organization and further success”

Asiakkaan kuva

Teemu Martikainen
Chief Buyer


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