Monday, 18 November 2019

Updates, Expak Systems Oy, November 2019

We released the latest Expak update on November 15th. The new features will be available to the Expak users automatically. 
The list of the new features include:

A1477 Arranging Columns Periodically
-> An option introduced in the Report Settings that enables sorting numeric columns by time period

A1478 Pivot Report column order and headings 
-> An option in the Settings menu to sort pivot columns by selected pivot value
-> Pivot headers also match the original field value

A1435 Creating Feedback and Questionnaires
-> Expak can be used to collect customer feedback and questionnaires

A1468 Supplier Conditions to Supplier Portal
-> The data displayed in the reports can be limited per user according to the supplier

We also updated the KendoUI interface component, made improvements to the Chrome browser and pivot titles, and we fixed bugs related to e.g. product card.

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