Monday, 17 September 2018

Expak application updates, September 2018

We've brought updates into the program as of September 14th. These updates are:
A1276 New report folders
- Expak has a new favorites-folder. The user can add a report to ”favorites” group by clicking a heart-symbol in a report header or push the favorite-button in a settings menu.
- Expak has also a new ”Recently used” folder. The folder contains the last five reports the user has opened.
A1283 Report menu changes
- The user can show or hide individual reports in a report group by clicking on the group header. The chosen set-up will be automatically saved.
A1275 Excel import ja update
- The Excel rows with an Expak-key (id), update the existing columns in an Expak-report.
A1272 Report settings
- The number of columns can be limited in report settings.
A1287 Icons added to action buttons
- The action buttons in Expak now have icons. The icon relates to the button function.
A1273 Tooltip added to columns in a settings menu
- Tooltip gives additional information related to the column. For example: the customer column can give you tooltip data such as invoice customer or delivery customer.

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