Tuesday, 05 March 2019

Updates, Expak Systems Oy, March 2019

Expak application will be updated on March 6th at 17:00. (EET, UTC +2). The new updates will be available to the Expak users automatically. 
Here is the list of the updates:

A1323  Report Settings Available in the Mobile Version 
- The new button in the report title shows the report settings

A1326 Itemcard Improvements
- Options to group data and to run parallel data sets

A1296 Facilitating Calculations
- Facilitating the start of the calculations between different servers

A1324 Cumulative Values
- The ability to calculate cumulative values using formula calculation

A1334 Translations
- Missing translations will be recorded in the database for the future translations needs

A1338 SQL Query Optimization
- SQL data query optimization for individual reports

A1339 Default Roles for the New Users
- The ability to grant default roles automatically to the new user

Other improvements and fixes have been made, among other things, to the settings page, to save settings and to table filtering and sorting.

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