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Newsletter, Expak Systems Oy, September 2018

Newsletter 09/2018 - Support tickets, LOGY breakfasts and User Experience Day 

Autumn has suddenly fallen over Finland, bringing with it regular working hours, mushrooms, the rain and emerging autumn colors. It also brings some amazing events for you to enjoy indoors, in wonderful venues, without having to check on the weather. In this newsletter we’ll be exploring Expak’s autumn which includes, besides customer service, product development, new partners and events.

Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Enterprise – User Experience Day September 26th

Expak’s popular annual User Experience Day is coming soon. Over half of the seats have already been taken and arrangements are in full swing. This year’s themes are artificial intelligence and intelligent enterprise. The day’s program includes top-tier expert speakers, customer cases and one-on-one conversations. Breakfast and lunch are served during the day. The event is free of charge for customers and guests.

Reserve your place now at the most interesting customer experience day of the year!

The day’s program and sign-up form (LINK) Page is in Finnish.
Web address:

Product development 2018

Expak is constantly developing new functionalities and content for our product based on your requests. This year we have already improved forecasting, Excel inputs and report update functionalities. At the moment we’re working on a menu update including personal favorites, customer tickets and mobile use. More information on product development will be revealed at the Customer Experience Day and in future newsletters.

Consultant collaboration

Expak started a collaboration with LJK (The Finnish Management Consultants Association) in spring of 2018. The start has been a pleasant surprise for us.

Expak’s new partners and new service packages will be presented at the Customer Experience Day on September 26. and we will be informing you on the partnerships further in our future client newsletters.

Support tickets soon visible for customers

Expak has integrated the data from the customer service application program into our app. This enables customer specific support requests, ie. support tickets, to be available to our customers directly in Expak. We’re bringing the customer tickets to our customers as a main user functionality. This allows the designated main user to browse the tickets and their status in an Expak report. For more information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

LOGY, Expak and Leanware breakfasts

LOGY, Expak and Leanware will be organizing our popular and rewarding breakfast events again this autumn. The first breakfast will be in Helsinki on October 24th and the venue will be Helsinki Music Centre.

More on the event in October on both LOGY’s and Expak’s home pages.

The programs for all the previous breakfasts can be found in full on our website, in the Finnish version of our News-section. You can get there through this link (LINK)

Thank you for answering the customer satisfaction survey

Thank you for all the feedback we received through our customer satisfaction survey. It is an invaluable help to us in improving our service and our product. For example, based on the feedback we’ve put mobile interface development into our product development agenda for this autumn.


Best Wishes!
Expak team

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