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Newsletter, Expak Systems Oy, May 2019

Expak Update, User Story video, Dynamics Specialist, Customer Experience Day 9/2019 


Expak Update May 2019

We updated our application on May 6th. The update included many new features to Expak. Other improvements and fixes were made to calculations, Excel data import and save changes features and security.

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Expak User Story video – what our customers say

We have released the first Expak User Story video - Case Airam. You can check the video on our homepage and on Youtube channel. In User Stories, our customers present their Expak's user experience and results. See and share the story!

Case AIRAM video in finnish on Youtube: (LINKKI)

Case AIRAM success story on Expak: (LINKKI)

Many thanks to Airam and everyone involved in making the video. If you want to share your Expak story, please contact our marketing team: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will release more videos during the following months.


Dynamics Specialist for Expak

Expak team strengthened with a supply chain management expert, when Anna-Reetta Vallivaara 37 started as a consultant. Anna-Reetta has a plenty of experience in purchasing and logisitics operations in wholesale and with Dynamics ERP-systems. Prior to Expak, she worked as an application consultant at Accountor Enterprise Solutions Oy and as a Masterdata administrator at Veho Oy.

Welcome to our team Anna-Reetta!



Customer Experience Day 2019 - Green Supply Chain Management

The Green Supply Chain integrates environmental thinking and Economic Efficiency. How do you deliver products to customers without overproduction or unnecessary warehousing and logistics? You can increase profits if you incorporate green practices into supply chain operations. 

Expak´s Customer Experience Day 2019 at the end of September brings the Green Supply Chain Management topics to business leaders and experts. The event will consist of customer cases, keynote speaker, expert presentations and sessions.

Get ready and add a note to your calendar. In the Customer Experience Day a you find insights and new ideas that help succeed. We will provide more information on the Customer Experience Day 2019 in the following newsletters. You are Welcome!



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