Friday, 11 May 2018

Newsletter, Expak Systems Oy, May 2018

Newsletter 05/2018 - GDPR, Azure, new team member, expanding to Sweden

Spring has finally kicked into high gear. Greeneries are flourishing and the dull gray season is finally over. The business of Expak Systems is also thriving. We have been busy serving customers, delivering applications and product updates. In addition, our team has gotten a new member,  we have prepared for the new EU privacy regulation and expanded our business to Sweden.

In this newsletter we'll be going through the events of this spring in more detail.

Version updates - Expak now has Excel-entry functionality

We implemented a major update with visible user changes into production in February of 2018. After that, we have implemented four updates between March and April that comprise of over 20 changes and improvements to the application The most significant functional change is forecast entry through Excel to Expak. In case you have needs for entries in Excel form, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

Starting on the 25th of May 2018 the unified EU data and privacy protection regulation will be enforced in all EU member countries. The regulation will concern all companies and organisations operating within the EU area. The data protection regulation will be applied to the processing and handling of all personal data. Expak complies with data and privacy protection laws. The user data is used solely to ensure the application functionality, usability and security. Changes required by the new regulations have been executed. We will send you more information on GDPR and the new personal data processing agreement before May 25th 2018.

Expak also available through Microsoft's Azure-service

Expak's SaaS-service has been on offer through both the data centre of Sigmatic Oy and Microsoft's Azure-service from the beginning of 2018.

Sigmatic Oy's data centre is located in Lauttasaari, Helsinki. The premise is secured through CCTV, on-site security personnel and personal keycards with connected security numbers. The servers at the data centre are only accessible to technical personnel. The centre fulfills the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority's requirements for important facilities, the PCI-DSS requirements and the quality criteria of the National Security Auditing (Katakri). For more information:

The data centres for Microsoft Azure are located in Ireland and the Netherlands. For more information:

Expak team has expanded

The newest member in our team, Mireille Sillander, started at Expak in April. She has previously worked as a freelance illustrator, content creator and in various manufacturing positions. Mireille has an eye for creating customer-based social media content. Her previous employers include PAE México, Unicef Finland and the accounting firm Humberg Oy.

Mireille can be found on location at the office, working on Expak's digital marketing. Welcome on board, Mireille!

Customer satisfaction survey 2018

We will be sending out a customer satisfaction survey to all our customers this May. The purpose of the survey is to get a general overview of your satisfaction with our product and the service you're receiving from us. We hope for direct and bold feedback to best improve our services as our goal is always a happy customer.

Expak expanded to Sweden

At the end of 2017, we landed our first customer in Sweden. At the moment, we are in the middle of our second delivery there. In case your company has needs for Expak services in Sweden, let us know and together we can explore how to best meet those needs.

Customer service and help

Many of Expak's users have already found the help they've needed through our support chat, located at The pop up chat window in the lower right-hand corner of our home page is a quick way to get help or advice. You can also contact support via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling the number 045 125 2766


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