Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Newsletter, Expak Systems Oy, March 2019

Expak Updates, Recruitment, Internationalization, Spring 2019


Expak Application Update

We updated our application on March 6th. The update included among others SQL performance improvement, search terms in a mobile version, and a new layout for a product card.

Other improvements and fixes were made to the settings page and to table filtering and sorting. Read more:






Expak Update

We update our general terms and conditions in the spring of 2019. The goal is to create terms and conditions that apply with our current business and services.

The general terms and conditions was created for previous Expak versions and have been in force for all customers since 2011. The General Terms and Conditions were last supplemented with the GDPR Annex in May 2018.




We have been recruiting a supply chain management expert during the beginning of this year. We received many good applications and we thank all the applicants for their interest in Expak.

Our team will be strengthened in April. At the moment, we are is also actively recruiting a logistics expert. Read more in finnish: 



Expak goes international

Expak aims at international markets. Expak was selected to Software From Finland to European Markets -program on the basis of Internationalization and growth expectations. The internationalization challenges us to review and revise our business.

We have created a internationalization strategy, refined our sales and marketing plans, and assessed the  partner network opportunities in the program. Practical coaching, the network of experts, and the international experience of other companies have made a significant contribution to the our planning process.


Spring 2019 at Expak

The beginning of the year 2019 has been positive. We started the year in the new office, which is located in Sörnäinen, Helsinki. Now we got the new and modern facilities. You are welcome to visit us anytime!

Expak has attracted new customers in a record numbers. We have recruited more experts in the team and we have also made the internationalization plan. We got our first customers from the Swedish market in 2018. The market survey conducted in Sweden showed us that the customer needs are similar in Sweden and Finland. The business environment is also comparable to the Finnish market.

We have also made progress with our product and service environment. We have updated the product, introduced a new server environment and expanded the use of Azure services. Azure is a Microsoft service that works well as a platform for the Expak application.



We wish you a sunny springtime!




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