Friday, 11 May 2018


Expak has teamed up with LJK (The Finnish Management Consultants Association) in April 2018. Through LJK we are looking for supply chain management consultants to work with our growing customer base. Our search is ongoing and we hope especially for the experienced industry and process development consultants to be up for the challenge. Collaboration with us would net the consultant a stable billing and growing income with a share of the continuous monthly fees and add modern supply chain cloud service to their repertoire. Our loyal customers are the nexus of the long-term business growth; In 2017 our customer retention was 96 % and continuous monthly fees increased 19 %.

We are looking for two types of consultants:

  • Process Consultants who will work as customer supervisors and development partners with a non-technical role.
  • Development Consultants who would also take responsibility and execute technical implementations and development tasks.

The consultants would be working in close relationship with our team. For more information and a more in-depth description of the roles and requirements of the consultants, view page:

To launch and celebrate the new partnership, Expak will attend the upcoming LJK Spring Seminar on July 11th. We will be introduced in LJK Spring Seminar partner info, starting at 2:30pm. We are there to answer any of your questions regarding the co-operation. More on the Spring Seminar at LJK’s own website here.

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