Monday, 27 April 2020

Expak Updates on April 24th 2020 - The new features

We released the latest Expak update on Friday, April 24th.

User notice. You can use Expak normally during the update. However, the update interrupts your Expak session. You can continue using Expak by logging in again.
The update will not cause any other actions for the users.

New features in the update

A1498 Add reports to a product card
Display tables and graphs on the product card.

A1502 Resetting the user name password
The user can reset their password on their own.

A1524 Cumulative calculation in table and graph
A cumulative value can be calculated from the data displayed in a table or graph.

A1515 Starting calculations line by line
Enables a button for the report, from which, for example, the replenishment proposal can be executed line by line.

A1521 Starting SQL Stored procedure calculation
Starts SQL-type calculations via the “BatchExecute” report.

A1500 Second value scale for the y-axis of the graph
Enables a graph to have several value axes, eg “eur” and “pcs” with their own y-axis.

A1516 Graph y-axis “narrow range” support
Defines the graph so that the value axis does not have to start from zero.

A1501 More options for a custom graph
Custom Graph supports new graph types.

A1511 Report SQL Automatic error reporting
If the report crashes with an SQL error, then an automatic message will be sent to Expak support.

In addition, we updated the KendoUI user interface component, made improvements to the product card, and corrected number-type search criteria.

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