Thursday, 13 August 2020

Expak Update on August 14th 2020 - The new features

We will release the next Expak update on Friday, August 14th.

User notice. You can use Expak normally during the update. However, the update interrupts your Expak session. You can continue using Expak by logging in again.
The update will not cause any other actions for the users.

New features in the update

A1536 SummaryCard reports edition in the user interface
Enables Expak user to add and delete the reports in the product card in the user interface.

A1545 Editable Fields (Selection Lists)
Expak user can assign selection lists to the editable fields.

A1526 Emailing a report as an Excel file
The "Excel export" of the report can be scheduled and sent via e-mail.

A1544 Datatype "time" addition
It is possible to specify the time selection for the fields to be edited.

In addition, we are updated the KendoUI interface component, made improvements to the product card, and corrected the linked reports edition.

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