Monday, 08 October 2018

Thank you for Customer Experience Day 2018 - materials and feedback

Expak thanks everyone present at the User Experience Day for making it such an enjoyable event! 

The annual User Experience Day held on the 26th of September was an enjoyable event all around. The day's themes - artificial intelligence and intelligent enterprise - gathered together a room full of business leaders, experts and development managers. The day started with Tommi Hyyrynen's welcome speech that introduced the day's topics, some new Expak services and our new partners. Next up was Antti Merilehto's action packed presentation on artificial intelligence. After Antti, in Image Wear's client case, Mari Kuukkula got on stage to walk us through the company's change to using forecasts. She gave concrete examples of the requirements and results of a successful change.

After lunch we moved on to introducing the Expak-solution and product development. In another client case, Harri Heiskanen and Niko Sarapää from SK Tuote Oy presented the development of their production planning and inventory management, and the achieved results. The day was rounded up by Janne Viinikkala from Leanware Oy and Mika Ropponen from Innoman, delving deeper into intelligent enterprise.


Presentation material

(Materials are all in Finnish)

Opening words - Tommi Hyyrynen, CEO, Expak Systems Oy

Tekoäly tänään - tarua vai totta? - Antti Merilehto, Guide to AI, Finch Finland

Client case: Katse eteenpäin - muutos historiatiedosta ennusteisiin - Mari Kuukkula, Sales and R&D manager, Image Wear Oy

Client case: Oikeita tuotteita oikeaan aikaan - toimitusvarmuus 99,97%iin - Harri Heiskanen (Foreman) ja Niko Sarapää (Project engineer for production and product development), SK Tuote Oy

Älyä varastoon - Janne Viinikkala, CEO, Leanware Oy

Hankinta asiakkaan elikaaren mukaan - Mika Ropponen, Chairman of the board, Innoman Oy


Thank you for your feedback 

We are constantly developing the User Experience Day event based on your feedback. Thank you for all the input!

According to our feedback survey, the guests gave the event a score of 4,2 on a scale of 1-5. We drew lots among the answers and picked winners to receive copies of Antti Merilehto's book Tekoäly: Matkaopas Johtajalle.


Pictures from the event


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